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Do I Really Need Car Insurance?


Yes, the State of Florida requires a minimum of Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage insurance on all registered vehicles. If you are driving without the required coverage your Registration and Driver’s License could be suspended. First Offense- $150.00 Second Offense- $250.00 Third Offense- $500.00 FR-44’S & SR22’S

What does full coverage mean?

Most of the time, when people discuss Full Coverage this refers to Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, Comprehensive, and Collision.

What is the Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Coverage?

Collision coverage, as the name suggests, is insurance that covers you when you collide with something. Comprehensive coverage, is a type of car insurance that covers everything else besides collisions like fires or theft.

Will My Driving Record Affect My Insurance Premium?

Yes. Depending on your insurance company, the premium you pay will be based on your driving record for the past three to five years.

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